Sustainable use

Meanwhile, the term „paludiculture“ (from ‘palus’ – Latin ‘swamp’) is well-known internationally. It was coined in Greifswald. Paludiculture refers to agriculture or forestry on wet or rewetted peatlands. Innovative and sustainable land use options developed in Greifswald include energy generation from fen biomass, use of common reed and cattail for construction materials, and cultivation of peatmoss as a substitute for peat in horticultural substrates. Next to scientific studies, Greifswald coordinates direct implementation with cooperation partners. Recently, the Greifswald efforts received prestigious awards such as the European CULTURA Award 2013, the German Sustainability Award 2013 (category research) and a nomination as official Landmark in the Land of Ideas in 2014. Within existing cooperation ranging from the farm level to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), the GMC provides diverse approaches for responsible and sustainable management of peatlands - for nature, for climate, for people, forever.

Some of our contributions: