Climate protection

Challenges of climate change related to peatlands are tackled in various ways in Greifswald. Scientists study the ecological background of greenhouse gas emissions and quantify emissions. As direct measurements of gas fluxes require a lot of time and money, Greifswald scientist work to develop and refine proxies to estimate emissions from large peatland areas. Particularly vegetation proved a reliable and workable proxy for large areas, giving birth to the Greenhouse gas Emission Site Types (GESTs). The approach has fed into standards, MRV guidelines and methodologies under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and voluntary carbon markets (e.g. VCS). Moreover, the GMC manages the IMCG Global Peatland Database (GPD), the largest database on distribution, status and emissions of peatlands worldwide. Knowledge and capacity of Greifswald experts is brought to work in large scale international peatland projects. Their broad knowledge informs, trains, and advises the public and decision makers on peatlands and climate change

Some of our contributions: