The university study programme includes the following lectures and seminars:

  • Landscape ecology of mires
  • Peatland restoration
  • Peatland excursion to Belarus
  • Peatland utilisation
  • Mires of the World
  • Energy and matter dynamics of peatlands
  • Energy & Matter Dynamics II
  • Peatland ecohydrology
  • Palaeoecology
  • Quaternary palynology
  • Macrofossil analysis


The Michael Succow Foundation organises excursions and workshops for international practitioners and stakeholders within its peatland projects on the following topics:

  • Peatland ecology
  • Peatland restoration incl. hydrology and hydraulic engineering
  • Assessments of greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands
  • Paludiculture and utilisation of biomass
  • Economic incentives
  • Management of protected peatlands


DUENE offers the following courses:

  • Peat types and peatland types
  • Peatland restoration
  • Vegetation forms