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Wet peatlands for climate, future, people – forever

What all agreed on: RRR2017 final statement

04/10/2017  The concluding statement of the 2nd International Paludiculture Conference “Renewable resources from wet and rewetted peatlands (RRR2017, Greifswald 27-29 September 2017))” boils down on 4 pages what approx. 200 peatland scientists, practitioners and activists agreed on: Urgent action needed – stop drainage, rewet, implement paludiculture large scale! That’s because drained peatlands hamper the achievement of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Damages include enormous economic and environmental losses through greenhouse gas emissions, peat fires, loss of biodiversity, water pollution, soil degradation and desertification, and subsidence followed by an eventual loss of productive land. Thus peatlands have to be kept wet and productive! Paludiculture offers the solution to mitigate climate change and to adapt to effects of a changing climate such as sea level rise, droughts, and floods.

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