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24h online Peat-Fest 2021

GMC’s contributions at 29th May

29/05/2021 At the 24h online Peat-Fest 2021 of the group RE-PEAT Hans Joosten is giving a 2h literary session on “Selma Ruoff: The mind of a scientist, the soul of a poet” at 21:30-23:30 CEST. Ruoff was an in-between between Russia and Germany, science and poetry, heaven and hell, gulag and freedom. Hear about the peatlands she studied, the people she met and the life she lived.
The session “Reimagening the #CAP” is offering future-minded perspectives and alternatives to current plans of agricultural policy within the EU. In the panel discussion at 14:15-15:15 CEST: Sophie Hirschelmann from Greifswald Mire Centre, Harriet Bradley from Birdlife, Silvia Contin from Good Energies Alliance and Sommer Ackerman from Withdraw the CAP. Tickets are free, but donations welcome when signing up for the event.

The Greifswald Mire Centre is pleased to contribute to the Peat-Fest again. First launched in 2020 it is the original and only 24 hour online festival completely dedicated to peatlands. The organiser RE-PEAT is a youth-led group using collaboration, education and a process of re-imagining to shift the peatland paradigm and push for peatland restoration and preservation.

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