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World Wetlands Day at 2nd February

Logo World Wetlands Day 2017

Exkursion and cattail-harvest

03/02/2017   With two events the Greifswald Mire Centre raised attention for the importance of healthy wetlands and how they help us to cope with extreme weather events at World Wetlands Day 2017 on 2nd February. Just outside of Greifswald the Karrendorfer Wiesen provide a splendid example: During floods this coastal flood peatland serves as wave breaker. Its vegetation slows erosion of the shore zone and promotes sedimentation. Peatlands like this contribute to the stability of the flat coasts all around the Baltic Sea. After flooding, natural waterways ensure rapid drainage. In addition, coastal flood peatlands are significant carbon sinks and therefore important for climate protection. The Greifswald Mire Centre offered a public excursion to the Karrendorfer Wiesen. Some 25 people joined the tour in this fascinating peatland at a frosty temperature.

Moreover, the Greifswald Mire Centre is proud of a little premiere: the first mechanical cattail harvest in Western Pomerania! The demonstration also took place at World Wetlands Day 2017 on 2nd February. Cattail was harvested on an agriculturally used peatland, where a cattail stand had spontaneously established. In cooperation with local reed harvesters, the mechanical harvest was tested with a Seiga (a amphibious vehicle with low ground pressure). After the successful trial, there was a fruitful exchange on possibilities of cattail cultivation on agriculturally used rewetted peatlands in the region.


World Wetlands Day 2017 auf den Karrendorfer Wiesen (Foto: J. von Stryk)       Vorpommerns erste maschinelle Rohrkolbenernte (Foto: 


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