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UN reveals emissions gap

UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2017 - Cover

GMC contribution to UN report kicking off world climate conference

08/11/2017  Published at the beginning of the world climate conference (COP23), the recent „Emissions Gap Report“ of UN Environment summarises current national mitigation efforts and the largest potentials for improved climate protection. This year the report addresses not only the gap in 2020, but also necessary trajectories for later years, especially 2025 and 2030. A key element of the report is an overview on how to close the global emissions gap, for example by peatland restoration. The report has been produced by UN Environment with an international team of experts and with support by the German government. Prof. Hans Joosten‘s (Greifswald Mire Centre) contribution as a co-author is based on data of the Global Peatland Database.


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