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MoKli – work on the ground large scale

Joining forces with land users for solutions

27/03/19 The new project MoKli – abbreviated and merged from the German terms ‘Moor’ (peatland) and ‘Klima’ (climate) – wants to implement practical solutions for sustainable peatland use by joining forces with land users. For this new project University of Greifswald and the Succow Foundation, both partner in the GMC, team up with the German Association for Landcare (DVL).
While facts on peatland and climate are sufficiently known, action is now urgently needed: MoKli therefore develops strategies for climate friendly use of peatlands in Germany and their regional adaptations. The project conveys knowledge on peatlands and paludiculture to land owners and users and to local authorities, associations and enterprises in the fields of water management, agriculture and nature conservation. 
In five peatland-rich federal states of Germany MoKli will develop and apply cooperative solutions in model regions at water (sub)catchment area level. Together with local stake-holders, new production methods for the utilisation of peatland biomass will be initiated. In addition, the project wants to create and promote the profession of the 'peatland carbon farmer' (German: Moor-Klimawirt) who delivers ecosystem services to society and is recognised for doing so. Jointly with political decision-makers at local, state, federal and EU level MoKli acts to improve framework conditions for peatland climate protection.

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