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How to put peatlands into CAP Strategic Plans

Recommendation in new position paper

26/11/2021 The title says it all – Michael Succow Foundation, partner in the Greifswald Mire Centre, issued a new position paper Opportunities for Peatlands and Paludiculture in the EU Common Agricultural Policy (2023-2027) - Recommendations for EU Member States for their CAP Strategic Plans. It urges EU Member States to make paludiculture eligible for payments either direct, in eco-schemes or other. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) as the EU’s largest public funding mechanism could thus be used to make a change for climate and ecology within the next five years. The CAP strategy must not be adapted neglectfully and maintain damaging business-as-usual practices since within the EU emissions from drained peatlands account for c. 5% of its total greenhouse gas emissions. In paludiculture they offer a basis for a circular bioeconomy, for future resilient and profitable business models for farmers and landowners, and contribute to climate protection, biodiversity, water security, flood management and fire protection.


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