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Global Landscape Forum

Panel on peatland protection at the Global Landscape Forum 2017 (Photo: Dianna Kopansky)

Side event hosted by UN Environment and GMC

13/12/2017  Peatlands are vital fort the global landscape but extremely threatened by degradation. Peatland experts such as Dr. Alue Dohong (Indonesian Peatland Restoration Agency) and Prof. Hans Joosten (GMC) will share their knowledge at a side event at the Global Landscape Forum in Bonn at 19th December 2018. Under the title „Smoke on water – Countering global threats from peatland loss and degradation“, findings and recommendations from the recently launched Global Peatlands Initiative report Smoke on water will be presented. The Greifswald Mire Centre hosts the side event together with UN Environment at the World Conference Center Bonn (Landscape Pavilion) at 9:00-10:30 am.


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